Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jump Ahead

Ok so I'm back with that I think is some major progress before I go forward with creating the next part of this scene. I recreated the trees to get better shapes as well as to optimize them a bit better. I've been following the 3dmotive tutorial a fair bit to see what I could improve on. So I've completely reworked the shaders on the trees as well as added some improved textures for the foliage with more overall detail and color. I've changed my lighting and the distance fog as well.
The next part of my scene is to create a shack on the edge of the lake that will be my focal point. The goal is to create a believable wilderness that has some human elements as well. My next step is to start asset creation including:
Wooden shack, boat, barrel, axe, logs, stump, ferns, wildflowers, pans, glass bottles, animal furs, daisies, and buckets. I also want to do nighttime lighting as well.

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